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Summer Drama is Project Theatre's annual Summer training project for young people which varies with a different theme each year from Drama Schools and Camps to Festivals and Competitions but with arts and fun learning always at it's heart.  



"Summer Drama has become a vital part of our organisation's calendar as it provides a much needed programme of events during the summer holidays - a time that young people and children often need fun and fulfilling creative activities and social opportunities.  


As well as this it provides great opportunities for our tutors and volunteers to facilitate new workshops and develop their teaching skills.  It is also an opportunity for PT to extend beyond our local area and take activities to different areas."


Jamie O'Rourke, Artistic Director



Previous Summer Drama Projects


June - August 2010 - Summer School Showcase

June - August 2012 - Summer Fest Showcase

June 2013 - Summer Project

July 2014 - Summer Drama School

August 2014 - Summer Drama Camp

July 2015 - Summer Drama Fest

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Summer Drama