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Everyone has the ability to shine on stage and we like to give

everyone that chance to shine!


Positive Performance is the way we achieve this so that

everyone can Perform to their Potential!




What is Positive Performance


Positive Performance, conceived by our Founder, is the empowerment approach that Project Theatre takes in all the work we do.


“Positive Performance is the real and active way in which we are doing

the work we do to help make performing arts more open, fair and fun for

everyone involved regardless of ability or experience.”


Jamie O’Rourke

Artistic Director & Founder



What we believe:


We believe performance should always be a positive force for everyone involved and create positive, innovative, open opportunities and conditions rather than being discriminatory, difficult to access, material or financially focused and non-progressive.



How does Positive Performance work as an Empowerment Approach?


  • Allows young people the space and the inspiration to create their own art and to  have  fun doing it

  • Empowers young people to make their own decisions and be responsible for their own actions

  • Encourages people to overcome the geographic or social barriers that might stop them from taking part

  • Increases young people’s self-esteem, knowledge and skills

  • Provides opportunities for young people to develop their social networks in safe and friendly environment

  • Provides opportunities for everyone to access high quality performances and creative activities

  • Works with other local partners to maximise our contribution to the regeneration of the area

  • Promotes good training, professional development and sharing best practice



Why do we believe in Positive Performance?


  • We believe that by empowering young people we will help make them more confident, ambitious young people. This helps our members to become more active citizens and through this we improve the communities we work with.  

  • We also believe that the arts provide an outlet for fun, laughter and enjoyment.  They celebrate identity and diversity and provide a platform to explore complex issues.

  • We value the importance of artistic quality and work with experienced artists.  We empower our staff and our volunteers so that they feel they are working in a safe and supportive environment where they can increase their skills and enjoy their work.



What we do to achieve Positive Performance:



Ensuring access into Project Theatre is not restricted on the basis of ability, age or experience through:


  • No unnecessary auditions or screening / filtering processes

  • Broad Membership Age Range of 7-18yrs

  • No strict geographic area limit

  • Volunteers are welcome from 14 upwards and are trained by us



Ensuring Involvement in Project Theatre is not restricted on the basis of financial requirements:


  • Minimal Annual Membership Fee

  • Lowest Rates for Workshops and Productions compared to other similar theatre organisations offering similar services

  • Costs are reduced due to funding, grants and ticket sales contributing to costs and not organisation profit



Ensuring the work we do is upto date, innovative and relevant to those involved:


  • Members have input into workshop, event and production ideas and event structure

  • We regularly take written, online and oral feedback from members and audiences and record and present this publicly

  • We use techniques and ideas used by contemporary national and international youth theatre organisations and theatre and performing arts specialists

  • We believe in contemporary and collaborative ways of working and using devised, outdoor and other forms of theatre and creative arts as well as traditional work



We are more interested in the development of each individual child’s potential, confidence, experience and talent rather than:


  • Façade quality of productions

  • Competitiveness with other organisations

  • Amount of members

  • Finances generated from projects



As part of Positive Performance and our working with young people Project Theatre implements an anti-bullying policy and we support organisations like Bullying UK who provide advice and support to stop bullying in the UK.


Visit www.bullying.co.uk

Positive Performance


Our way of working to help young

people realise their full potential.