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DATE 2016 at 7.30PM



Tickets £6 / £4 (conc)



Our Mission &

Artistic Policy


Project Theatre has a growing membership of young people. Through their involvement in a diverse programme, exploring all aspects of theatre and performance, we support and resource their experience of quality children’s and youth theatre.


Our Aims


The aims of our group are:


  • To provide a supportive and safe environment for young people to engage in drama and theatre related activities on a regular basis.

  • To encourage and facilitate the development of skills related to theatre and drama.

  • To provide opportunities for all members to take part in regular Youth productions on any Theatre stage.

  • To give members the opportunity to take part in additional workshops and events.

  • To provide a place for people with an interest in theatre and drama to meet, make friends and have fun.



To further these aims and objectives we:


  • Provide theatre workshops and classes

  • Encourage representatives of other organisations to exchange information and to work on joint projects and productions.

  • Take part in other activities that promote good practice in youth theatre and for the benefit of the community



We are committed to providing an environment where every participant can feel welcome, valued and effective.


We believe that every person who joins our company positively changes the way that we work. The Creative Team and Management Committee work together to ensure that the programme reflects and develops each member who is part of it. This process of evaluating the strength of every individual and then finding the creative environment that will allow their contribution to be productive is core to our inclusive creative method. It is the reason we are able to open up our creative process to ‘everyone’.



Through our workshop and performance programme we aim to reflect the unique abilities, opinions and aspirations of our membership and the communities they are a part of.


We aim to give our members a genuine ownership of the work they are part of throughout the company. They get the opportunity to feed their thoughts and ideas into the running of Project Theatre through a range of forum and evaluation processes. The production work that they are part of will always involve a devising process where projects and characters are interpreted through the interaction of cast members and directors. This process creates informed and confident performers.



We aim to foster new and transferable skills within our membership as they develop through our inclusive theatre process.


By creating an environment where every individual’s contribution is valued and celebrated, and combining this with a method of work that aims for excellence, our membership develop leadership and communication skills that enable them to contribute positively in other areas of their lives.


They understand the value of engaging positively with all their peers if they themselves want to achieve. They are able to appreciate that contributions can be made in a variety of less conventional (but not less effective) ways. This enables them in turn to consider their own contributions and assess whether they too could broaden and develop their existing approaches and potential.



We look for opportunities to engage in collaborative projects with organisations both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


We are aware of the valuable contributors that our members are as ambassadors both of our performance work and for the process that they are part of. They have an understanding of this that reflects its relevance in a wider society. Their experience of collaborative projects will add to the new thoughts and approaches for the future of our company and other network organisations.