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My favourite thing about Project Theatre

is performing at Falkirk Town Hall.


Youth Theatre Member

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What's on

From one-off workshops to summer residential projects,

plays and small performances to full scale public musical theatre

and dance  productions, we have something for everyone

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16 October 2017

PT Presents


17 November 2017

10th Year


Join the celebration for our 10th year!


Dancing through the Decades


6 October 2017

Join the team

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We are Project Theatre


We are a performing arts organisation in Falkirk.


We create amazing productions, hold exciting workshops

and events and we promote excellence without exclusion.


to your


My acting, dancing and singing has improved

and I feel a little less nervous and more confident.


Youth Theatre Member

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Just back from watching the Jungle Book

Had a great night - well done to all the kids that

performed and all the people backstage


Audience Member

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